Colour theory
27 from Northern California... My Art and Anything i deem Art. It's all Art.
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Wow you are an amazing artist

A question by tipsybae

Thank you very much

You do portraits? I don't but I do, dabble in the arts it'd be cool to share sometime. Do you charge for doing portraits?

A question by azulmee

I do charge for portraits. Depending on the project.

hey man if i was to pay you some would you be able to make a dope one of me?

A question by whatsakyle

I sure can

So, how could I arrange to get a picture done by you...?

A question by disphoric-and-dismal

We can arrange that. What are you looking for.

Good year for meeeeeeeeeee.

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Jeffrey Dahmer stickers.

Variant Mrs. Doubtfire stickers